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300 Click for offerStarting opposite Verlander is James Paxton, the Yankees’ prized off-season acquisition. Paxton struggled so much in the first half that the team began to wonder if his character was a bad fit for New York. He recovered well, going 10-2 after the All-Star game with 91 strikeouts in 74 1/3 innings. He struggled in the division series against Minnesota, failing to get out of the fifth inning in a game the Yankees went on to win, but can potentially rely on his history of success against the Astros. He is 8-4 with a 3.24 E.R.A. in 14 career starts against Houston. The songwriters of “Obvious” included Mr. Prince, three members of a British music collective called the Six and another singer, Jasmine Thompson. They claimed that one line in “Friends” (“Haven’t I made it obvious, haven’t I made it clear?”) infringed on a similar line in “Obvious” (“Did I make it obvious, did I make it clear?”).

Later in the evening, the sun finally let up its fierce midday hold and in the golden light, crowds came in even greater numbers. Shoulder to shoulder, El Pasoans nudged their way toward the flowers and candles, enveloped in their city’s embrace. A stranger seeking refuge asks the lady of the house for a drink of water. As she gives it to him, their hands touch. He drinks, and the music surges: Something other than thirst needs quenching.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe cars have been corralled behind the gates of the sprawling Brooklyn Navy Yard — away from city streets teeming with cars, bikes and pedestrians. The Spartans resemble a team one might expect from a coach, Wes Miller, who transferred to North Carolina as a walk-on, then earned a letter on a national championship team and eventually a spot in the starting lineup. They are resourceful and determined, and have the ethos (and the recruiting budget) of an underdog.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYIncreasingly, people without formal backgrounds in science are collaborating with scientists to collect data on a scale that scientists alone would be unable to compile. The work of these people in recording the exact time, place and conditions of their butterfly observations is vital to monitoring the health of monarch populations. Tracking these butterflies is one of the longest-standing examples of this kind of teamwork. Other Quebec governments have sought to enshrine secularism in the province. The previous Liberal government tried to ban those who wear face coverings from receiving public services, only to have that restriction suspended by a judge on the ground that it impinged upon freedom of religion.

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Starting Cost: ,700 At the rehearsal, there was more laughter than angst, and more sweat than tears. It helps that Ms. Mearns has a lot of dancing to do — and dancing is what she does best.

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These new iPhones for 2018 will need to impress buyers if Apple has any desire to nudge Chinese brand Huawei -- which outsold iPhones last quarter -- and regain its seat as the world's second-largest phone maker, after No. 1 Samsung. At one point, when describing her surprise and excitement over the novel’s rebirth as a Broadway musical, she slipped into the first person plural.

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First published April 23, 6:09 p.m. PT.Updates, 8:26 p.m. PT and 9:16 p.m.: Corrects a quotation from Joy Buolamwini, who described the women and people with dark skin as the world's "undersampled majority," and the characterization of IBM's work. It generally reproduced Buolamwini's research and improved with an updated algorithm. Also adds that IBM declined to comment and Amazon didn't comment. “Florida resorted to the most drastic, invasive, indiscriminate spying conceivable by law enforcement — taking continuous video recordings of private massages in which customers would be stripping naked as a matter of course — in order to prosecute what are at most (according to Florida’s own allegations) misdemeanor offenses, as to which (according to Florida’s own affidavits and search warrants) a wide array of alternative, benign modes of proof was readily available,” the lawyers wrote in their filing.

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CES 2019: Every story so far: See all of CNET's coverage of the year's biggest tech show. Reader Idea | New York Times Virtual Reality in the Classroom

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